Proving big sound can come from small packages, Pioneer Home Entertainment today announced two new hi-res earbuds for 2017: SE-CH9T and SE-CH5T. Both models feature newly developed 9.7mm drivers which were designed with the help of computer assisted iterative analysis to help maintain the drivers’ geometry minimizing physical distortion throughout it range of motion. The result is a vibrant, clear sound throughout all frequency ranges.

Attention-to-Detail Design
The proprietary earbuds also feature a patent pending Airflow Control Port which is an internal tube that adjusts low frequency sound pressure to give improved tonal balance for tight bass and clear mid-range frequencies. A unique wide nozzle opening allows sound to be directed at the eardrum, eliminating issues with the short wavelengths of high frequencies cancelling each other out.

For those who demand more from their earbuds, the SE-CH9T incorporates additional design elements including a patent-pending two-layer brass and aluminum housing. This housing absorbs excess vibrations to improve mid and high range frequencies, while giving the low end a tight and energetic response. The unit’s patent-pending Connector Shield improves stability by keeping the MMCX connector and unit from unnecessarily moving about. This limits the ingress of rain or other liquids that can corrode the connector, and it reduces the stress between the connection, thus improving longevity1. Finally, the MMCX connector allows users to swap out the current cable with other brands of MMCX cables to experience different sound profiles.

Both the SE-CH5T and the SE-CH9T come with ribbed ear tips that individually mold to your ear to create a more uniform seal than standard ear tips, as well as a convenient carrying pouch.

The SE-CH9T is available now for $129.99. The SE-CH5T is available this month in black and silver for $59.99, with blue and red versions coming in May.

1 Does not guarantee resistance to damage, ingress of fluids *Pioneer is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation. *Other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.